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Using Fonts in Marketo Landing Pages

Question asked by 335fca40c61f2cd9fb9099643328d8544027e08c on Mar 6, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by e5fc76cc5f2576e9ca513a0c82939e2fbbbbfe8f

Hi All,


As per the organization's branding guidelines, the text fonts that we want to use are 'Fira Sans - Light' and 'Fira Sans'.


Is there a way, I can import these fonts to be used in our Landing Pages? I have tried dragging an HTML box and putting in HTML font code in it. It seems to be working inside the design panel, but once I use the URL outside Marketo in the browser, the font does not load.


Can you people help me out with this issue? None of the LPs can be made live without the branding guidelines in place.


Thank You All