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    custom field for unique number

    淳 佐々木

      Hello. This is Jun Sasaki @i-enter in Tokyo,Japan.



      Can I ask you there are some people who create new field in which

      they can put a unique numble automatically?



      We need a unique number to manage the leads perticipating in each seminar.



      Thank you for your answer.The specified item was not found.

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          Jamie Lewis

          Yes, this is definitely possible to do and I have done it on occasion.  You have to populate the value though, Marketo cannot do that automatically. 

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            Sanford Whiteman

            Every Marketo lead already has 2 unique numbers already assigned, and 3 unique fields total:


            • the Lead ID is a unique integer
            • the Marketo Unique Code is a unique alphanumeric field that is also a 64-bit integer in Base36: BE2FNKN = 24795221783
            • the Marketo Unique Name is a unique alphanumeric field derived from the lead's name; it's not representable as a number, however


            None of these will change over the lifetime of the lead, so if you simply need a way of referring to the lead in some outside context, it's already there.  As Jamie points out you can also create additional fields and make them unique (perhaps generating a GUID before importing a list) but Marketo will not make them unique for you.

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              Rajesh Talele

              As usual, great answers by Jamie and Sanford.


              You might also find this article on Linkedin helpful.

              Unique Promo Code For Each Member Of A Campaign

              It shows how to do exactly what is being asked here, generate and populate unique number to manage the leads for each seminar.


              Rajesh Talele


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                Takehiro Monday

                Simply if you want to show registered id for a visitor for each seminar, i recommend to use {{campaign.id}}{{lead.id}} combination.


                For example

                You make SC when the lead visits a registered page, SC saves {{campaign.id}}  to the custom field at flow step.

                Of course you can send a unique id in the registered mail and the alert mail.

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