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    Inflated Lead Scores

      Hello, Community,


      We have an issue with our lead scoring. Marketo was allocating points weekly based on job title. Needless to say, a big chunk of our database has inflated lead scores. I fixed the qualification rules. However, now I need to figure out a way to deduct those extra points without having to go through each lead individually. Does anyone have any ideas?


      Thank you for your time.


      ~ Dana

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Dana,


          That's a very tricky one. There are only approximate solutions using "Score was changed" or "data value changed" filters with a min number of times constraint and a date range.


          The most accurate solution would be to extract all the score changed activities in a given period of time using the API, compute the list of leads and the correction that should be made, reimport the resulting lead list and process the corrections with smart campaigns.