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    Marketo ID into SFDC and match SFDC ID

           Hi has anyone faced any challenges in bringing Marketo ID into SFDC, especially if you have duplicate records.

           I assume you map this by the email address? What will happen if the email address exists multiple times? Will Marketo only populate the id for the last modified user or will it write the id across all records?

           Please advice


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          I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to do but one Marketo record can ONLY be tied to one SFDC record and vice versa.
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                 Hi Bamah,

                 I think I understand what you are asking. We have a custom sync filter so it made things pretty complicated for us. We had multiple duplicates in SFDC, and when they were synced over in Marketo, they of course created duplicates in Marketo, and then the duplicates were deleted in SFDC, but remained in Marketo. But what I learned is that each record has it's own ID. 
                 Marketo dedups leads based on email addresses, so usually it's a SFDC sync issue like mine listed earlier.

            You can merge your records together and choose the master record (usually the most recently updated). When you merge in Marketo, they will get merged in SFDC (assuming all your leads are sycned). These are for leads that have the same email address by the way.