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Google Adwords Campaign Issues

Question asked by 5325579792eda0b2bf8dc70b4b6b760ceec9a86c on Mar 1, 2016

Trying to find answers on my Google Adwords campaign that is not tracking leads appropriately. Below is a message from our third party Adwords resource that is pulling reports on the Adwords side, but we are not seeing the same thing in the campaign or reporting for Google Adwords. I've changed the smart campaign and flow steps about 4 times, based on that many recommendations, and it still isn't working. Any suggestions would be helpful as we're not able to track Adwords activity in Marketo.    





Because conversions essentially doubled in a week, I further scrutinized the tracking. Analytics confirms it (attached pdf). There were 18 total form submits from paid search, but 15 uniques, which is what we care about, and that matches AdWords' reporting. We have one form on the Digital Display Solutions page that submits to a static thank you page - it registered 4 conversions. All forms on your website are tracked via Analytics Event Tracking, and there were 15 of those. So that means that 11 of the conversions came from pages other than our original.


If you didn't see a bump in conversions last week, then something is wrong with the Marketo forms embedded on