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    Intercall integration

    Justin Donlon

      Hi All


      Has anyone successfully integrated Marketo and Intercall (webinar and online events platform) ?

      InterCall Online Events | Webcasting | Virtual Environments | Webinars | Event Services – Marketo LaunchPoint


      It looks like quite an effort to set up an on-prem middle layer - the UCI - as they call it - to allow Marketo and Intercall to communicate.


      I want to know if it is worth it? Once the UCI is set up, is the feed to Marketo straight-forward and automated?


      Any insight would be fantastic.


      Thank you!


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          Jamie Lewis



          The middle layer is probably going to be a lot of work to set up with a good bit of testing required.  You will need a developer to get it done right.  Depending on your use cases it could be well worth the effort however, it's just an API connector so its not like they have to create a whole application or anything, you are talking weeks not months here

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            Sanford Whiteman

            This "integration" looks almost ludicrously labor-intensive.  The fact that the ETL component isn't running in the cloud is mind-boggling.


            I disagree with Jamie.  First of all, any security-conscious organization would take weeks just to do due diligence on the product.  Even if you are inattentive to security, finding IT staff who are willing to support this architecture could be very difficult.  The fact that IIS, Tomcat, and Oracle XE all appear in this diagram, as if that's just an everyday combo to roll out, is actually laugh-at-loud funny:


            And by giving them your Marketo SOAP credentials you're giving this app complete root access to your entire Marketo instance.


            I'd run fast, unless you have a very pliant and capable IT department or consultancy.

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              Justin Donlon

              Sanford Whiteman - I agree, and I appreciate your passionate response.

              I went through the 'cookbook' with my IT Director and he flipped out.