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Question asked by 62807 on Aug 25, 2014
Today I’m very excited to introduce our first Partner Snapshot with LaunchPoint ISV Partner, SnapApp. SnapApp and joint Marketo customer, SilkRoad, will be speaking on a webinar tomorrow with Marketo to share more about how you can use interactive content and Marketo together to drive more leads and grow pipeline. Read on below to find out more about SnapApp and how they are empowering marketers. The answers below were provided by SnapApp's CEO, Seth Lieberman.

1. Tell us about SnapApp? What problem does it solve for the marketer?
  •           SnapApp’s software empowers marketers to create amazing audience experiences through interactive content.  We believe that one of the most important things for marketers is to deliver as much value to their audiences as possible- and building interactivity, dialogues, and conversations through your content is one of the most effective ways to do this.  
  •           Historically, marketers have had to use custom development or agency resources to build these unique experiences-- SnapApp software removes developers from the equation so marketers can be creative and agile and to drive more engagement and leads.
2. Tell us about yourself and your role at SnapApp?
  •           I am the founder and CEO of SnapApp. As CEO I only have three real jobs: set the company vision , empower your team, don’t run out of money. 
  •           I’m also a serial entrepreneur who has started three companies and four kids. Two of my companies have been acquired but none of my kids.  I’m a runner, a scuba diver (with a wetsuit patent), an avid music fan, a terrible dancer and while I keep getting older, I never plan to grow up.
3.       Why interactive content? What are the benefits?
  •           Interactive content enables marketers to have dialogues and conversations directly with their audiences but through their content.
  •           The best sales people are good listeners and listening is a skill marketers are increasingly getting better at, and interactive content allows marketers to both talk and listen when at the same time. 
  •           For your audience, interactive content enables the marketer to deliver specific and tailored content based on the user’s feedback, answers, and actions. 
  •           For you the marketer, rich profile data collection gives extraordinary insight about a user’s specific needs, pains, and goals that is actionable inside your Marketo instance.
4.       What are some good examples of interactive content that you’ve seen?
  •           Payscale created a very cool set of experiences around their “Purple Squirrel” mascot to use on their site and on events (Read more here).
  •           SilkRoad built a multi-page interactive benchmark report that is also impressive (See it here).  More than ever, marketers are taking a page out of the B2C playbook and creating powerful B2B content. 
  •           We’ve seen Atmel, a microcontroller and component company, run a “selfie" contest, and EMC built some amazing interactive infographics.
  •           Brands like Pirate Booty, Discovery Channel, and Dial Soap consistently build a wide variety of interactions that drive responses from their audiences.  All these examples have the same fundamental keys to success: a steady, repeatable, and scalable approach that is about delivering value (education, information, fun) to their users in bite-sized experiences.
To learn more register for tomorrow’s webinar!.