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Engagement program for software users moving through trial

Question asked by 4f43c079b6f15410bc35bb7643520dc871e18ba5 on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by 4f43c079b6f15410bc35bb7643520dc871e18ba5

We are new to Marketo. I understand basic engagement programs but want to set up something more complex and need some help!


We have a free 15-day trial of our software, and want to use email to nurture users through their trial. As trial users of our software go through their trial, we track their progress as "stages" (custom Salesforce opportunity field). Some emails will go out to all users (i.e. welcome email on day 1), and some will only go to people who are at certain stages on certain days (i.e. if not past stage 1 on day 3, send email x).


I'm having trouble figuring out how to set this up in Marketo, and can't find any docs that address it. Any guidance would be appreciated!