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    form issue with certain browsers

    Kim Meyers

      We have some customers who use really old browsers. Forms 2.0 forms aren't view-able to them, we think it's a javascript issue. Is it possible to tweak the 2.0 embed code, or revert back to 1.0 for these customers? Or any other suggestions? We're putting the form on a Marketo landing page.

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          Josh Hill

          Which browsers? IE 9 and below are not supported for the most part.

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            Diederik Martens

            I once got a complaint from colleagues in the US, which to my surprise were still using IE8 (little over a year ago). But the rest of the company was definitly already on IE10.


            IE8 was released early 2008! Almost a decade ago. If you're using Marketo as a software company. And you are targetting companies to buy software, I don't think people using IE8 would have the budget or intend to buy your software haha ;-)


            P.s. IE8 is used by less than 1.9% of the world population.

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                Sanford Whiteman

                All very true, Diederik!


                What sucks, though, is that in those remaining "can't-be-upgraded" environments you're more likely to see IE 8 than IE 9.  Remember, Windows XP and 2003 can't run IE later than IE 8.  So if an admin (who may actually have a software budget!) is browsing in a relatively locked-down, albeit questionably secure, environment, they may be trapped on IE8.  Here's a typically sobering chart from one of my client sites today:



                In any case, my feeling is that it's not exactly useless to make a form work in IE8 (who cares if it looks ugly, IE8 users are used to that), but it can be impossible without spending way too much time... more time than it takes to build for every other browser combined.  Many of the Forms 2.0 JS recipes I've posted here are tested on IE8, though.  So I'm curious about what exactly isn't working in Kim's case.

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                Robb Barrett

                I get this. In the Cub Scout pack I lead, we have our budgets on an incredibly old laptop because the version of Quicken we were using isn't compatible with newer versions so we just pass the laptop down to the new treasurer with XP.  Sometimes the systems "just work" and there's no value in the work to replace them.


                The "hipster" thing to do is criticize the "dinosaurs" without understanding why they're still being used.


                If this is your subset I'm sure you're not alone. Marketo should help out what I'm certain is a sizeable population.

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                    Sanford Whiteman

                    That's another good example, Robb.  Upgrading accounting software can be a scary ordeal.  And if an accountant/bookkeeper is shopping online, it's safe to assume they have a budget.


                    Also, when people mock dinosaurs, they assume there aren't newer machines available to the user.  Truth is, they might have a cutting-edge laptop back at their desk (speaking as someone who has spent many all-nighters in server rooms, you can have a new machine in your backpack but nowhere to put it down) but the first impression from the downlevel machine may still count.


                    Another note about my chart: while the 1.6% is lower than the worldwide IE 8 average of 1.9%, every single one of the users is a US-based professional, some with very high spending power.  Wealth/budget might have a negative correlation to IE 8 use across the US, but for this people on this site I believe they're independent.