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    Is It Possible To Remove Form "Submit" Button Based On Answers In A Form?

      I am building a form for our website. The form will show one question that asks, "How Can We Help You?" with four possible answers ("I am interested in speaking to sales", "I am interested in applying to a job", "I am a current employee", and "Other"). I am using visibility rules to define what form fillers will see based on the answer to that question. In other words, if they say they want to speak to sales, one set of fields will drop down, and if they say they are interested in applying for a job, another set will drop down.


      If someone answers, "I am a current employee", I simply want text to drop down (pointing to different references), and not show any option to submit the form.


      Does anyone know how to remove the submit option depending on answers to questions in a form, or if it is possible?


      Thanks in advance for your help!