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    Run someone through a campaign a specific number of times?

    Erin Olsen

      I am trying to figure out (what is probably a very basic question).


      We have a weekly recurring live demo for people who are in our free trial. I would like to send the invite email to this group of people 3 or 4 times but no more than that because I don't want to become annoying.


      My initial thought was to set up one smart campaign and only let them run through the campaign X number of times. However, Marketo only lets you choose how often they run through (or only let them run through once).


      Is there a better way I should be managing this to ensure that people don't get sent the email invite more than 3 times during their 30 day trial?



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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Erin,


          One easy way to do this:

          1. Create a static list in the same program as you campaign
          2. add a smart list to your program with the following filter: "was added to list" IS [your list above] and a constraint : minimum number of times = 3 ( or 4)
          3. in the flow your smart campaign, add 2 flow steps at the beginning:
            • remove from list [your list above]
            • add to list [your list above]
          4. in the smart list your smart campaign, add a filter:  Member of smart List [The smart your created in step 2]