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How to make lpdCDiv elements take plce INSIDE HTML templates main blocks such as mktContent or mktHeader?

Question asked by Marie Ligier on May 9, 2014
Latest reply on May 9, 2014 by 31412
We've set a new Landing Page template, very simple, based on the default template.
We added a new div on top of thc content one, it has the class MktEditable too, and we want to put text in it.

However, when we add a rich text block on it, with the marketo landing page editor, it goes ON the page, not IN the div. Once published, our code looks like that (ignore the multiple footer elements, for test). The .lpeCDiv_xxxx elements are sibling to the Header, Footer and Content elements, instead of being their childs. We would like them to be their childs, with dependance, for the zones to adapt their size considering the length of text we add.

Are we missing something, that would allow us to place elements INSIDE HTML elements of the template?