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    "Added to list" trigger not taking into account the whole list history

    Mathias Saint Jean

      Hi everyone,


      I am facing an issue using the "Added to list" trigger in my smart campaign.


      Basically, I run a Default program sending an email. People go in several lists I defined based on their behaviors on my landing page (they can download several documents). One of these lists is "Did not download xxxxxxx".


      Then, I built another program sending email one week later to people who did not download a specific document. The first smart campaign of this program is built that way :


      SMART LIST : Added to List " Did not download xxxxxxx" (I tried with or without past activity constraint, same result).

      FLOW : WAIT 1 week then SEND EMAIL xxxxxx .


      I have 30 people on my list "Did not download xxxxx". When I set my first smart campaign, It will only target 10 people instead of 30.


      Have you ever experienced the same issue ?


      Thanks a lot for your input.