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    Receiving emails after "wait" date, how do I fix?

      Hi guys,


      We run a webinar campaign. Here is the structure for a Webinar happening February 23rd:



      Fills Out Form - REGISTRATION_FORM



      Change Program Status - Webinars -> Registered

      Send Email - "Thank you for registering"

      Wait Until - 9AM February 22nd

      Send Email - "One Day Left!"

      Wait Until - 7AM February 23rd

      Send Email - "One Hour Left!"


      So, I filled out the form at 8AM February 23rd to test it. I received all three emails - "Thanks for registering", "One Day Left", and "One Hour Left"


      How can I make it so that, if somebody fills the form out AFTER one of the "wait until" dates, they only get the "Thank you for registering" and not the "One Day Left" type of emails?





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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Andrew,


          For this very reason, we no longer encourage customers to implement it the way you do. Instead, we keep the confirmation in the "Fills out form" triggered campaign, but for the reminders, we create 2 email sub programs or 2 simple batch smart campaigns that qualify all registered and send them the appropriate "1 day left", or "1 hour left" reminder email, and we schedule these 2 campaigns at the right time.


          There is also another advantage of doing it with separate campaigns : timeliness and execution priority. The 1 hour left email needs to be sent right on time, not 30 minutes later. Batch SC starting with a "send email" have a much higher priority in Marketo than emails sent after a wait step, that can be delayed if your instance is very loaded at the same moment.



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            Josh Hill

            Generally, I agree with Greg.


            But you can have separate flows that Remove from Campaign if the lead fills it out again and is already a Member of the first campaign.