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    How do I import unsubscribe data



      My company is in the process of porting our data from other various systems into Marketo and SFDC. During this process we have been instructed not to import our historical unsubscribe data into the system and introduce 'clutter'. As a best practice, we would like to import the emails and names of prospects that have previously unsubscribed from Marketing campaigns. Can someone provide a suggestion on the best way to manage that sort of an import for thousands of contacts?


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      Julia Simpson

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          Tim Langlois

          Hi Julia - Belated reply in case you haven't received one yet. You would import a .csv of the unsubscribed people into a Marketo static list in the database. The spreadsheet would have two columns. The headings would be: Email Address and Unsubscribed. For the unsubscribed column all the values should be "TRUE".


          If this list of thousands would impact your database size, know that you can delete the records and Marketo will "remember" that they have been unsubscribed. So the next time an unsubscribed record comes in, Marketo will automatically mark Unsubscribed as True. This is a feature called Durable Unsubscribe  - more details here: Durable Unsubscribe