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Move all leads from one stream to another

Question asked by 7c13f181df04f4e0714b281c692a20f50bfa45a9 on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by 7c13f181df04f4e0714b281c692a20f50bfa45a9

I have a stream with 140K leads and I just want to move them all to a different stream.  I ran a smart list to determine the qualified people:


step 1.JPG



But in my smart campaign (which uses the same criteria as above) when I add the Flow Step of either Add to Engagement Program Stream or Change Engagement Program Stream


step 2.JPG


It returns ZERO qualified leads. (the ones that show up are all users who have unsubscribed)


There are no trigger actions on the part of our users that would allow me to use the Transition Rules - I just need to manually move everyone from one stream to another.  What am I missing?