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Hierarchic relation between CustomObjects -  PK , Foreign Key

Question asked by 15cfe4c80404b1773e4e27690070c9bc9d80949c on Feb 19, 2016
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I am curious to know if I can create a Primary Key - foreign Key relation to the properties of Custom Objects ?

Eg : Say I have Custom Objs

  • Course - CourseId,Title,
  • Student - StudID, Name, DOB,
  • Enrollment -  EnrollD , CourseID, StudId , deadlineDt, Grade , PaymentDt ,
  • Payment - PayId, StudId, EnrollD


I am not sure yet, this structure may be an overkill ... none the less If I don't want to post data to Payment without an entry in Enrollment for the student - (StudID,EnrollId - dedupeBy) . From what I understand so far ... as long as there is no unique record combo in a custom object data is accepted and 'created'. 

Can we add a constraint to this entry.. since this has to be a valid in the other custom object as well ?


Appreciate your help.

- Mahesh