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    Need a "Landing Page to Rule Them All"

      We are a team of talented marketers who hate building landing pages. We have bandaged with external providers (mainly Unbounce), but we want to use the new guided Marketo templates to enable us to have a branded, go to landing page option.


      We want a landing page template built in such a way that a non-coder could turn on and off numerous variables using Boolean to fit their need (webinar recording hosting page, CTA form fill page, etc)., with a standard top bar and navigation. It needs to be mobile friendly as well. We'll provide the HTML and CSS, you provide the turning off and on of variables function.


      If you've figured out Guided Landing page templates, and want to undertake this, please email me at cwatson@agreementexpress.com, with the subject: Contract: Marketo Template, {full name}, with a quote.