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onFormRender doesn't fire after social sign on is rendered

Question asked by b6c72c2b50ec8a7229ebdf7a8e7842244334fe59 on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by b6c72c2b50ec8a7229ebdf7a8e7842244334fe59

I'm currently using the forms2.0 javascript api to render forms on my client's website. They want to add the social signon feature to their forms, but the default styling is prohibitively ugly, and we want to change where the buttons are located in the form as well. I'm currently using the onFormRender callback to allow adding CSS classes so we can spruce up the forms and rearrange stuff client side if need be, however the onFormRender fires much earlier than the html for the social share buttons are actually rendered, leaving me out to dry. Is there some specific call back for the social share icons? Or some way I can at least change where the buttons are rendered in the form so I can just worry about styling the thing?