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Add to Calendar tokens; time zones and daylight time and Arizona, oh my!

Question asked by Tyson Jurgens on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by 6adbaf8d1d39da35a9b16cac455aa184b0941488

Here's a stumper:


  1. I'm building a Calendar Invite token for a tradeshow happy hour event on April 5th 2016. The event is at 6:30pm local time.
  2. Our office/Marketo instance is in Kansas City (Central Time) and the event is in Phoenix (Mountain Time)
  3. Arizona does not observe Daylight Time
  4. Right now, AZ is 1 hour behind MO, but on April 5th it will be 2 hours behind.
  5. Invitations are going out next week and I would like the calendar invitation to be correct from the get-go and not have to revisit it on March 13 when daylight time kicks in.


My question: Do I create today the calendar invitation for 2 hours ahead of the event or for 1 hour ahead? I'm only wondering because the token builder specifically says "CST" and I'm not confident that it will automatically change to "CDT" in March.


Thanks in advance!