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TORMUG Meeting in One Week + A Favour

Discussion created by Justin Norris Expert on Feb 16, 2016

Hello all,


Just a friendly reminder that our next TORMUG meeting is coming up on Tuesday and it's all about multi-touch marketing attribution. I know this is a topic that many folks have expressed interest in, so hopefully we'll learn a lot and also have some good discussions about your marketing attribution victories/struggles.


Here's the ask:

This is a topic that is relevant for basically all marketers, and we're trying to expand the reach of the meeting beyond those who are in this group.


With that in mind, we've set up an EventBrite link for this webinar this time to make it easier for folks not already inside this group to find out about it.


Toronto Marketo User Group - Strategies for Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution Tickets, Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 6:00 PM | Ev…


If you can please share this on LinkedIn/Twitter/with your chess club/phone your friends, that would be awesome! Also if you are intending to come and can RSVP both here and on the EventBrite link, that would be super helpful -- so people can see that others are coming along.


Many thanks all.