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Overlap in A/B Test Reporting of Nurture Emails

Question asked by Jasmine Foruzani on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by 14211deb86fe17e5e12c6b82393397ab502efd7f



We're having some issues with the A/B test reporting for our nurture emails. We've set up A/B tests for many of our nurture emails, ranging from subject line to whole email testing.


We've also ran several email blasts that reference these same emails. However, when those blasts run they don't actually run the test since they're batch campaigns. Now our A/B test results for those nurture emails are inflated on one side (since the email was referenced in the blasts, but only one version of the email actually ran, so it looks as though that version got more opens and clicks). I tried creating a separate email performance report to separate out the test results of the nurture program from our email blasts, but couldn't find a way. Has anyone else had similar issues or know how to set up a report that provides A/B test results just within the nurture? Moving forward do we need to create new local emails to reference in our blasts?