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    Web Activity Alert

      I recently set up alerts to be issued to lead owners when our top prospects visit our website. I was using the token 'Last Interesting Moment,' but most of these leads don't have one or is listed as Email. Does anyone have any ideas of how to include a listing of the web pages these prospect visited to include in the alerts (in token form)? I'm not sure how else to set these up?
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          Hi Kelly,

          Not sure if this is what you have already set up, but I have reports set up in Web Page Reports in Analytics that are sent out daily, this lists all of the http: referrer, entry page, and number of pages visited, and you click on the leads name or the page number you can see what was viewed in the activity log of th lead.

          You can also use the token {{SP_Send_Alert_Info:default=N/A}}

          Which allows whoever recieves the alert to look into the activity of the lead. 

          It seems like those might be your best bet with out creating an interesting moment, or smart campaigns that update whenever a lead visits a spefic page.

          I hope that helps!

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            Thanks Ryan. I have some Web Page reports set up as well, but don't show the exact information we're looking for.

            I think the token would be the better route, which i just set up, but it doesn't appear to be populating when i send tests. Do I need to do anything else for this information/link to populate?
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              Nope, when you insert the token it will automatically fill in the info when it is sent as an alert email.

              Good luck!