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    [Guided LP] Mktocolor doesnt like me



      i'm working on several landing page templates. At first, when i did my variables and elements i had no problem,

      But then when i retested it later, it wasn't working anymore. Even though, i didn't change anything for the background color change.


      To give you an example :

      I declared my variables <meta class="mktoColor" id="BackgroundColor-Title_text_single" mktoName="BgColor-Text_single" default="#ffffff">

      and set it to the block with : style="background-color:${BackgroundColor-Title_text_single};"


      Has anyone already encountered that kind of problem ? Is there some kind of elements/variables that can create a conflict ?

      Even the default settings won't work.

      It's the last thing i need to fix and it's driving me nuts.


      EDIT : No matter what i do, it doesn't change anything