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    Tracking Survey Monkey surveys without integration

      Hi everyone:


      We have Survey Monkey, but not the Marketo integration with it. I am trying to send an email, ask folks to fill out the survey, and then send them a thank you email after the survey is completed. I need to be able to track who they are so I can send an alert to our business development team that a survey was completed.

      Here is what I have set up:


      1, Send email with link to Survey Monkey survey.

      2. Prospect clicks link to go to survey.

      3. Prospect completes survey.

      4. Upon completion, Survey Monkey sends the person to a "thank you" landing page I have created in Marketo.

      5. Trigger of "Visits Web Page" with that "thank you" page URL sends a thank you email to the person and an alert to the BD rep.


      I assumed that because the only way to get to the survey is through the email link, that anyone who fills out the form, and therefore sees the thank you page, is a known lead. However when I tested, it shows there was a visit, but no lead details, so no emails/alerts were sent.

      I feel like there is something obvious that I am missing here. Can anyone help? And if this is a poor way of going about this, any thoughts on a better way?