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Web Activity Not Tracked with Conversion on iFramed Form

Question asked by 51fd9c3e28ed61c1d7d897df8e83e6f1879d349d on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by Sanford Whiteman

We routinely used iFramed Marketo forms on non-Marketo pages created via a separate CMS. All pages created from that CMS contain munchkin code.
In the past, this would successfully record Web Activity for all users who become known by converting on these iFramed forms.
The visitor would browse our munckined pages built via our CMS, and their anonymous activity would be stored.
Upon converting on an iFramed form on a non-Marketo, munchkined page, they would become know, their data would merge and we would begin tracking all web activity associated to them.


Recently it appears the only web activity being tracked is the Marketo LP where the form is embedded, and no other web activity is being recorded on the pages created via our CMS.


We are told that the situation we describe above is impossible, and I can't pull up a record from when it worked because of web activity being archived.

Any ideas on this being possible, and what may have caused it to stop working?