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How do I point my Unsubscribe link to my custom Subscription Center?

Question asked by 693025b559b08438fadfdd5f3d21e64ee52e4008 on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by 693025b559b08438fadfdd5f3d21e64ee52e4008

Hello all!


I have a client who has requested a custom subscription center, which I've built out. However, I can't figure out how to get my "unsubscribe" link to point to the appropriate landing page. I've already used the token {{system.unsubscribeLink}} inside an anchor link to style out the link and the placement, but it then points it to the generic Marketo unsubscribe page. Thing is, I don't want to change where it points on the main admin level, because we have different clients using this Marketo instance and the landing page I've created has this particular client's branding.


The only way I can think to do it at this point is to style the {{system.unsubscribeLink}} within an anchor tag and make it invisible, then point the "Unsubscribe" text to my landing page that has the subscription settings on it. This seems like it may not be best practice though, so I thought I'd come to y'all first.


Any and all advice is appreciated!