Grégoire Michel

Impossible to delete a program: a new case

Discussion created by Grégoire Michel on Feb 14, 2016

Dear community,


As pointed by Dory Viscogliosi a while ago here: Trying to delete program, but it's saying that the asset is in use within the program, deleting a program can sometimes be surprisingly complex. I detected another weird case: it's impossible to delete a program if 2 campaigns within that program reference each other with a "Request Campaign" or a "Remove from flow" flow step.


I even had a dead lock as the 2 campaigns were referring each other (campaign A "requesting campaign" B and campaign B having the task to wait until a certain date and remove leads from flow A). We could not delete any of the 2 and had to remove the flow steps before we could delete the program.


Vote here: Enable to delete a program when 2 campaigns reference each other