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What happens in Salesforce if a duplicate lead fills out a MKTO form?

Question asked by 2e0d582fc6df1301ebe06243c60ef6c51a6bc9fd on Aug 5, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by Josh Hill

How would a MKTO form update fields if there are duplicate email addresses between Salesforce Contacts and/or Leads?  
  •           We work with SMB's who use the same email address for either different people managing their service with us, or for the same person managing the service at different account locations.
  •           Our company API creates new SFDC leads from our non-MKTO web form for instant business customers, that are not deduped against existing leads in SFDC.           
    •                     If the email address is the same, but the company name is different - what happens?
    •                     If the email address is the same, but the first or last name is different - what happens?
    •                     If the email address and company is the same on both an SFDC Lead and Contact - what happens?
Thank you for your help!
P.S. The MKTO community links for how MKTO deals with this are broken, other than how to find duplicates within the database.