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    Where does Marketo pick up Company Name from?

      When we push a lead to Salesforce and convert it to contact, we automatically associate that contact to a 'Marketo Bucket Account' if there is no match. The second time when we create a new lead on the same email address (in our case if geography is different), and push to Salesforce, the Company Name on 2nd lead is 'Marketo Bucket Account' for some reason. This is despite having Account Name blocked from Marketo. The activity on the lead says 'Changed Conv Account from null to 'Marketo Bucket Account'. How can I stop this?




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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Suhhanwa,


          Since these are contacts and accounts, Marketo cannot override account name from SFDC. On the opposite, the account name in Marketo is set by Salesforce. This would be different if they were salesforce leads.


          Unfortunately, you will not be able to change it. But you may be able to trick it.


          Create a second field called "Original account name". Do it on the contact and the lead object in SFDC, so that you can see it even in SFDC after conversion and map them.


          Prepare 2 smart campaigns :

          1. The first Smart campaign is to store the company name in "Original Account Name" field:
            • trigger : lead is created or data value changes, (field is Company Name)+ filter "SFDC Type is lead"+ filter = Company Name is not empty
            • flow step : change data value, attribute = Original account name, new value = {{company.Company Name}}
            • Smart campaign setting = Run every time
            • activate it
          2. The second is to retrieve it and put it back in the field "company name" as long as the contacts is attached to the Marketo Bucket Account:
            • Trigger : data value changes (field is Company Name) +  filter "SFDC Type is contact" + Filter = company Name = "Marketo Bucket Account"
            • Flow step : change data value, attribute = Company Name, new value = {{lead.Original account name}}


          The second smart campaign will update the contact in Marketo only. The Original company name should remain until you update again the account in SFDC or the contact, but any time it changes, Marketo will put back the original account name, as long as the contacts is attached to the Marketo Bucket Account.