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    Static List Contacts

      Just to clarify so if customer in a static list that is downloaded to Marketo is also in SFDC:
      -          If they just click on a link in a Marketo email campaign their contact will show any affiliated scoring or interesting moments etc even if they don’t fill out a form with their email address? The link doesn’t have to be to a Marketo form but can be to a web page etc
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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Hi Beverley, if you upload a list to Marketo and then send an email campaign, and someone clicks on a link in that email (as long as you don't use mktNoTrack on the link), then they will be cookied and their activities will be followed. If they previously visited your site on that same machine then their previously anonymous activity will also be linked to that record. 
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            One minor detail- the link needs to be on a page in your domain with Munchkin on it.