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"Visits Web Page" Trigger Is Double-Counting

Question asked by 0b8c2fe93ddaf54c0c7a926c5b2e95e56b4667dc on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi All!


Anyone have any experience with this? Our "Visits Web Page" trigger campaign seems to be double counting:


Smart List

  • Visits Web Page (Trigger)
    • Web page is
  • Clicks Link in Email (Trigger)
    • Email is any
    • Link is


  • Change Score +10


In this specific case:

  • This is a third party email campaign (the email sent through a third party, and isn't tracked by Marketo)
  • Lead lands on a Marketo-hosted web page
  • Lead fills out a form
  • Lead lands on
  • Lead (presumably) clicks link on page that opens a new tab with a PDF
  • Lead triggers above campaign twice – ends up with +20 in score


Leads can't trigger both triggers, since one is based on a web page visit and the other based on the direct PDF email link (they'd either have access to one or the other).


Leads are running through the flow twice at the exact same date/time. They also can't trigger both triggers, since one situation is strictly for direct email clicks to the asset (PDF), and the other to web page forms (third party, advertising, or website).


Is it an issue of someone landing on a form, opening a new tab, closing that tab, and "seeing" the original page? Is "Visits Web Page" logged on page refresh, or on the initial load?


Any feedback would be appreciated!