New Year, New Meetup

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Hello ATX MUGs,


I will be taking over the duties normally performed by Josh Perry. Josh did an excellent job in growing the local Austin Marketo community, and I met quite a few of you all at the meetups he organized. Josh is a true Marketo champion and I hope to continue the outstanding events for the Austin community that Josh started.


My goal is to run these at the minimum once a quarter with the potential to host every other month. With that being said, I am looking for future speakers and sponsors.


Topics that are of high interest to me include:


  • Engagement Program use cases
  • Lead Nurturing Strategies
  • Lead Scoring
  • Any talk on Analytics
  • Successful Marketo integration use-cases


These are topics that came to the top of my head, but am open to other interesting, relevant presentations. If this is something you are interested in please contact with me here or LinkedIN.


The next meetup will take place April 6 2016. Updates to come once a venue is secured. I am looking for one additional sponsor as well.


Pleased to meet you all!


For those active on this board, let's do a roll call.


  1. How do use Marketo on a daily basis?
  2. What kind of Marketo presentations are you interested in learning about?


I'll answer first.


1. I work for an eCommerce company called Aquasana. I use Marketo on a daily basis to drive customer retention and acquisition. We were one of the first companies to beta Custom Objects and it has become one of our favorite features. In addition we are heavily invested in Velocity Scripting and different engagement streams similar to what you would find in the B2B space.


2.I'm interested in any presentations on Marketo Analytics, Engagement programs, lead nurturing, and any successful integration/add-on use-cases.