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    Marketo lead source for Salesforce leads

    Vivian Rong

      In Marketo, the leads originally came from SFDC has the lead source value of null/empty. When we changed the lead source value in Marketo for those leads,  the lead source value will changed back to null/empty. I guess the their lead source value has to be defined in SFDC. The question is which field in SFDC determines the lead source field in Marketo.




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          Grant Booth

          Hi Vivian,


          It sounds like most likely your Marketo sync user in SFDC doesn't have permission to edit the value of that field. If it's field-level security is set to read-only, then Marketo won't be able to edit the value and will change it back to null to keep it consistent with your CRM.

          Additionally, you may need to customize the picklist of that field in SFDC to allow the value. Go to Setup > Customize > Leads > Fields, and click the name of the field. From there, you can both set which profiles have write permission (click "Set Field-Level Security") and edit the picklist values.

          If neither of those is the problem, try logging into SFDC using the sync user's credentials and edit the record. If you CAN edit that field, you may want to reach out to Marketo Support (be sure to attach screenshots where you edit the field as the sync user in your support case). If you can NOT edit the field, you may want to reach out to SFDC support for troubleshooting that user's permissions.


          Best of luck!

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              Vivian Rong

              Thanks Grant!


              Our Marketo user do not have write permission on SFDC lead source field. The lead source field in SFDC has the drop down selection from sales perspective however that field in Marketo has it from Marketing perspective. I am wondering if there is a way to manipulate the "lead source" value in Marketo indicating they are originally from SFDC and not been overwritten by the value from the SFDC.