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    Data enrichment

    Liz Medlicott

      I was wondering what other people's experience with using multiple data enrichment tools such as data.com, clearbit, InsideView, etc.  We are currently using Data.com and are looking to choose another vendor since their data outside of the US isn't as strong.  If we do that we could have potentially 3 sets of data: our original data, data.com data, and the new vendor.  So an account could have 3 different States, Employees Counts, etc.  I was wondering what people have done to determine what the source of truth is when choosing which data value is the most accurate.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

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          Josh Hill

          Depends! You should set rules:


          • Lead provided data is assumed to be correct and should override all others.
          • Salesperson provided data may or may not be better
          • Data.com should fill in blank fields only. Same with other providers.


          Some firms setup tertiary fields as you alluded to that duplicate such fields like

          • Data.com Address
          • InsideView Country

          and then you can decide to push those values to blank fields or retain them separately.