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"Filled Out Forms" Alert Help

Question asked by e974ae997991cba9deb573fe372e98d70e12a8f7 on Feb 8, 2016
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Hi Everyone,


I sent out an email blast for an event this morning and set up an alert to notify our Sales Rep once people filled out the email RSVP form.  When I sent it, he received over 180+ emails saying that they registered for the event however the results are showing only one person has opened the email so far. I believe the alert was set up right but not sure. I almost wonder if I should have just left "if filled out form is "form name" and left the "email" below that blank and then under default choice had the "Email" OP-Lead Lifecycle sent to our Sales Rep left the way it is. Can anyone assist? Below are the pictures of the email alert he received along with the alert I set up Any help is appreciated.



LR Alert.pngRegistration Notification.png