Heads Up: Changes in Web Page Activity and Company Web Activity Reports with Winter '16

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Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by Sanford Whiteman

With the winter '16 release now live, I just wanted to give folks a heads up on changes I've found in the Web Page Activity and Company Web Activity Reports. It may not be immediately obvious to folks and could be especially confusing for reps that receive reports via subscriptions.


WIth the change in Anonymous Leads management in Marketo, the Web Page Activity and Company Web Activity reports are now defaulted to only show Known leads. In the past, the reports showed both Known and Anonymous Leads – and you could choose whether to include ISPs or not.


You can still create reports to show Anonymous visitors including ISPs or excluding ISPs but it is a separate report from the Known Leads report (ie you may need to create a 2nd report where before you only have one). Controlling what is included in the report is done in the Setup tab of the report under "Activity Source". Please see the screen show below.


Web Page Activity.JPG