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    Marketo Experted Needed for Marketing Ops Role in DC Metro Area

    Sasha Cabell

      Desperately seeking a Marketo enthusiast and all around awesome technical marketer to join the marketing operations team of our Tysons based software client!


      I know, I sound like a recruiter...

      BUT I assure you I am just another data loving, slicing and dicing Marketo enthusiast like the rest of you. I lead the marketing team for a staffing agency, McKinley Marketing Partners, that specializes in marketing talent. We are looking to fill two marketing ops positions at our client in Tysons. I happen to know the client company very well and almost landed there myself once upon a time, so I offered to post the openings here in the community.


      About the Client

      Tysons based software company, regularly featured on several best places to work lists. Great atmosphere, energetic and forward thinking. The operations team is known for pushing their marketing automation and lead gen programs to new heights over and over again. This group loves automation, they have fun with it and it shows. If you are looking for an opportunity to challenge yourself and put your Marketo expertise to work I can't encourage you enough to apply. They will push you to do things with Marketo you didn't realize were possible.


      About the Positions

      As I said, there are two openings; one is more junior (tactical), the other while still tactical is more strategic. If you are interested feel free to message me or apply directly on our site, just be aware there is only one posting for both jobs (our recruiting team will talk to you about the opportunity most relevant to you). Below is a brief job summary, check out the full description online Marketing Operations Manager Job in Tysons, Virginia | McKinley Marketing Partners.


      Position Overview

      • Work collaboratively with marketing managers to develop marketing templates, lead scoring, nurture and email marketing campaigns
      • Understand and implement all facets of lead nurturing and demand generation, including list segmentation, emails, campaign automation, social media, landing pages, and reporting
      • Develop and execute online and offline marketing programs with the purpose of generating new marketing qualified leads and nurturing leads


      Qualifications and Experience

      • 4-6 years of executing marketing campaigns and programs
      • 2-3 years years of experience with demand generation tools (such as Marketo, Eloqua, or others)
      • Experience with lead scoring, nurturing and management
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          Hi Sasha,


          I was wondering if you would provide me with the contact info for the position.  Thanks!



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              Sasha Cabell

              Hi Brent!


              Thanks for reaching out. Gretchen Stanford is who you need to speak with. You can reach her at 703.836.4445 or gretchen@mckinleyinc.com, she will be delighted to hear from you. She may also reach out to you proactively via LinkedIn. If you want to provide your contact information I can pass it along as well.


              Thanks again,




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                  Thanks for the info Sasha,


                  The reason I asked is because I work for the oldest Marketo Pro Service partner, and the post you wrote is EXACTLY what we do. 


                  LeadMD has worked with over 1/2 of the Marketo customer base solve lots of different challenges ranging from CRM Integration, Nurture, Advanced Lead Scoring, Buyer Personas, Data Migration/clean-up and more.


                  Would your client be interested in a conversation around outsourcing the work? 


                  We've developed a solution called Extended Management, which is a direct response to the current challenge in the market of finding, hiring and retaining talent with a well rounded marketing automation skill-set.  The truth is these skills are not being taught in school, on the job “training” is limited at best and Marketo Certification is tested on very basic fundamentals.  The biggest problem I hear from clients is once they do find a “unicorn” after 6-18 months of search, they then lose them in 6-9 months and find themselves in the same situation.



                  The LeadMD team is Marketo’s #1 professional services partner, our team checks all the boxes in your post regarding skills, then some, and provides you access to the largest team of experts in the world.  Our people work in literally hundreds of client Marketo and SFDC instance every month.  Needless to say, we can help shortcut the learning curve and ultimately the mistakes… chances are we have already made them:)



                  I know it’s hard to imagine not having that **** in the seat next to you, in many cases we have used extended management solution to fill the gaps in the near term, help to hire and correctly on-board the head-count and transition into a more strategic role by helping that person up-level their skill-set by working directly with the experts.