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Remove Checkboxes on Unsubscribe

Question asked by Graham Dubow on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by Graham Dubow



We have implemented a Subscription Center to help our users manage the content they receive. You can see the page here. We would like to have a better user experience by adding the following functionality:


If a user clicks the "unsubscribe" checkbox, all other checkboxes will be unchecked (confirming to the user that they are no longer subscribed to what was checked previously). Lastly, the unsubscribe box should stay checked.


the ID for the unsubscribe checkbox is "unsubscribed". We added the below script and it does not seem to be working.


$("#Unsubscribed").click(function() {        //on click of unsubscribe checkbox

     $(':checkbox').attr("checked", false);     //uncheck all checkboxes

     $("#Unsubscribed").attr("checked", true);      //check the clicked one





Any thoughts as to how to fix this? Thank you!