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    Removing Duplicates in List?

      My company came over from MailChimp and I am struggling with Marketo. Right now, my struggle is with lists and smart campaigns. My company wants to send out an onboarding email to new members who've just opened an account or loan (we are a credit union.) I created a list - "Onboarding 2016" - and a smart campaign set to email anyone new who had been added to the list each Saturday at 8am. The flow is wait until Saturday at 8am and then send email.


      I set the campaign so that people could only go through the flow once (the idea being that if they opened an account, and then a loan later, they don't need the same welcome email.) The plan is to simply upload a new list each week that we pull from our core account system (we do not have salesforce or a CRM that directly connects to Marketo.)


      To test this, I added myself to the list and waited. At the specified time, I got the email. To make sure that no duplicates would happen, I added myself to the list again (with the same email) and it added me as a new Marketo Id lead. So now there are two of me in the list with the same email address and different Marketo lead numbers.


      At the specified time, I once again got the email. How can I keep duplicates from entering the flow? We have a lot of customers that open multiple accounts and loans throughout the year and we don't want to keep sending them the same email.