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Update SFDC Custom Field from a Marketo Form Completion

Question asked by e7768d1b57a11d38500439b4edcff72a1126bc2d on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by 598b656eb8fa8ed8030f6743a8e0699ca38309fb

Hi guys,


We have an SFDC custom field (a number value) called "webinars registered". We have a Marketo form that people use to register for our webinars. Whenever somebody registers for our webinar, we want the "webinars registered" field in SFDC to increment +1 (e.g. if somebody registers for their first webinar, the "webinars registered" field would be 1; if somebody registers for their third webinar, it'd be 3, etc.).


Is there a way to rig up either Marketo or SFDC to do this?