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    Guided template for an events listing landing page?

    Eric Fraser

      Looking for a simple Marketo guided landing page template that includes tables that are easy to edit for something like this. Any ideas?


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          Grégoire Michel

          HI Eric,


          That's not easy, and aside from using a table in an editable text element or in a snippet element, or using a program rich text token with a table in it, no real structured possibility.


          You may like this idea: Query and HTML rendering scripts for custom objects



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            Michael Stults

            I think it is possible to set up a guided landing page template for this need, but it isn't a small or easy task. The main hurdle I see would be what Greg pointed out—the ability to make it scalable without having the entire table within an editable section.Depending on your proficiency with the coding though, having the table(s) within an editable section could certainly work for you.


            You could likely create a simple html document (in something like Dreamweaver, as its preview makes simple html changes easier for the less adept) that has all of table layout/content within it and each time you need to update the Marketo page, just open and change the text and links within the HTML document and then paste the HTML from your HTML document into the HTML view of the editable section you have created on your guided page. It's a bit clunky since you are keeping stuff in two different places, but I employ similar processes for certain elements of some guided templates we have.