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Real time Email Countdown - LaunchPoint Addons?

Discussion created by Ayan Talukder on Feb 3, 2016
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I recently received an email that had a real-time countdown that incorporated a GIF and query that fed back from the host company (RealTime Email). It seemed pretty sleek, and was curious to know if there were any LaunchPoint company's that offered similar services like RealTime? For anyone that is curious, this was the image:



This is the email I received (as a customer).


This would be great for campaigns that involve events or early bird countdowns that are not just a static and looping GIF but reflect back in real time. Curious to know if anyone has ever found or encountered a solution to this in Marketo.


EDIT: Just spoke with them, they do integrate with Marketo mostly by embedding HTML into a Marketo template. However, they mostly serve B2C companies and are a bit pricey.




UPDATE: If you are just looking for a countdown timer that updates in real-time for an event or anything similar, I stumbled upon this company:




They have a free option of 20,000 impressions per month with a watermark, but also much cheaper options than RealTime for more impressions and removing the watermark. Here is an example counting down to the Marketo summit: