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    Sales Insight Management

    Jeff Smith

      I'm having some trouble finding solid documentation on this topic. There are some old threads out there, but they don't really nail down the issue. Any help would be appreciated!


      How do we manage Sales Insight licensed seats? Under the Sales Insight tab in Admin, we can see how many licensed seats we have, and in parentheses next to it we see how many were used in the last 30 days. Beyond that, we aren't given much information.


      Does having more users than licenses affect us adversely in any way? No...then why not purchase the minimum and have everyone use it? (Just playing devil's advocate, not encouraging unethical behavior.) Yes...then what are the repercussions and what does Marketo do to discourage heavy use? Who's licensed? Who's using the seats? With turnover, promotions, etc., how can we shift licenses from one person to the next as the company evolves?


      Do these questions need to be answered by Marketo support, or is this something that is more controlled from the CRM?


      Thanks for the help, and if there is any documentation out there that answers this, please provide the link.

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          Josh Hill

          You should speak with your account manager or support.


          I believe the system has become tighter. The licenses definitely act on the Outlook/Gmail plugin. But SFDC is harder because it wasn't directly tied in to which users had access, and yet, it is supposed to matter. I believe there's no hard lock on SFDC users=licenses, but it's expected you'll buy the right #. I am pretty sure this is now more tightly controlled

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            Kristen Carmean

            My understanding of how this works is that it's based on API calls made within a 30 day window. So if you had a sales user with a license who didn't look at a lead or contact with an MSI for 30 days, they wouldn't be counted.


            If you're drastically over regularly, you can expect your CAM to come and talk to you about it at some point. But it's definitely not a hard limit.

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              Grégoire Michel

              Hi Jeff,


              Controlling Licenses for Sales Insight in a large org is really painful. You need to duplicate all profiles that may use MSI, then duplicate all lead/account/contact/opportunity page layouts and assign them to the duplicated profiles and finally assign the duplicate profile to the users who should be using MSI.


              We are rolling out Marketo in a 700+ sales with local user admin, and getting the count of MSI users for internal billing will just be a nightmare.


              Salesforce provides a license control mechanism for third party apps that I have used for other packages and that does a good job. A pity that Marketo is not using it. You can vote here, though: Use SFDC Third Party License Management feature for MSI



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