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Sales Insight Management

Question asked by Jeff Smith on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by Grégoire Michel

I'm having some trouble finding solid documentation on this topic. There are some old threads out there, but they don't really nail down the issue. Any help would be appreciated!


How do we manage Sales Insight licensed seats? Under the Sales Insight tab in Admin, we can see how many licensed seats we have, and in parentheses next to it we see how many were used in the last 30 days. Beyond that, we aren't given much information.


Does having more users than licenses affect us adversely in any way? No...then why not purchase the minimum and have everyone use it? (Just playing devil's advocate, not encouraging unethical behavior.) Yes...then what are the repercussions and what does Marketo do to discourage heavy use? Who's licensed? Who's using the seats? With turnover, promotions, etc., how can we shift licenses from one person to the next as the company evolves?


Do these questions need to be answered by Marketo support, or is this something that is more controlled from the CRM?


Thanks for the help, and if there is any documentation out there that answers this, please provide the link.