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    Advanced filters:

      Hello everyone -


      I am trying to pull a list but noticed some companies were included which I do not want. Below is a brief example of the smart list:


      Use Advanced filters: 1 and 2 and (3 or 4 or 5)


      Member of smart list: (in) All customers

      Member of smart list: (not in) Customers with service A

      Industry: (is) Healthcare

      Company Name: (contains) Hospital

      Email Address: (contains) Hospital


      The problem is, this is pulling up companies with either "Hospitality" in the company name and/or email address since "hospital" is in the word hospitality. However, I do not want to exclude ALL hospitality records since some are in the healthcare industry.


      How would I make sure that if the company/email address has hospitality, then I only get back the ones actually in the healthcare industry?


      Thanks in advance for the help!