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Does changing the stream of a 'paused' contact also unpause them?

Question asked by 1a040e065d5d35143b3384ba8cc314442e4de413 on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by Grégoire Michel

Was just wondering about this, if anyone else has experienced or encountered this situation and what I need to do.


Context: Basically we are nurturing a database of leads with Engagement Programs. When a lead becomes interested and requests a demo, we have a smart campaign that checks for whatever engagement program they're in and if they're in one, (because the lead could also be new and organic, i.e. not nurtured) it pauses them.


Sometimes, after the demo they go quiet, and so we had created a new stream in our main engagement program that is intended to "re-spark" that original interest and get them to be engaged in a possible deal again. That stream is called 'Late Stage / Proposal'.


So our main example here is a lead who was a member of a nurture program, and whose status was paused when they requested a demo. Then that lead went quiet, so I changed their stream to be the late stage stream. Which brings me to my main question: does that action of changing the stream unpause them? Or do I also need to take the action of manually unpausing them and then making sure that they're indeed in the new stream I want them to be in?