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Lead Lifecycle - back to recycling automatically

Question asked by 05fe0272622e31962090a0437e5f21215e07354a on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Josh Hill


I'm working on my company's lead lifecycle, which is a bit more complicated that the normal one.


I'd like to move people automatically from Qualified, Won and Lost to Recycling:

     - If the lead is qualified by sales but no opp is created in 6 months, the lead should move to Recycling

     - If the lead has an opp that has been closed (won or lost), it should go to Recycling after 6 months of that opp being closed.


I think I can do the first one with: If it is qualified and was not added to opportunity in the past 6 months.

For the second one I'm trying to use Opportunity was updated, but that kind of activity is archived after 90 days so can't do 6 months.


Any suggestion?


Thank you.