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      Company Description

      LeadMD is a team of personable, skilled marketers with a massive bent towards technology and results.  We started our journey right around the birth of Marketing Automation in 2009 - it was a great time to be born.  Since that time LeadMD has become the Preferred Service Partner of the leading Marketing Automation Software, Marketo and a premier partner of Salesforce.com.  But, we're not all about tech - we also help drive the success of our clients by marrying the traditional functions of a digital marketing agency with those cutting edge platforms - "traditional" services like content creation, web and graphic design and buyer persona and messaging alignment.  Basically, if you found the perfect marketer and started cloning them - that's us.  LeadMD is like marketer multiplicity, minus the degradation that can come with cloning of course!  Anyway, we do what other agencies and consultants dread - we actually work, and we have a blast doing it, because marketing is what we love.  So, if you want to walk into your office each day and genuinely pioneer the landscape of marketing - LeadMD might be something to check out.



      It's fun to work in a company where people truly believe in what they're doing. At LeadMD, we're committed to bringing passion and customer success to the forefront of marketing services. We work hard, and we're serious about what we do. Our work life balance is that a huge part of life is work. 
      Everyday we strive to:
      1.    Engage
      2.    Deliver Hyper-Value
      3.    Make it repeatable



      Job Description



      We are looking for a high quality hands-on individual who will architect and develop products for LeadMD as well as our existing Navigate http://navigate.leadmd.com product.


      Additionally the position requires proficiency with Apex and the Visualforce pages. Demonstrated work experience with web technologies such as the HTML5 core technology markup language, CSS3 modules, the JavaScript programming language and JQuery, JavaScript library, and both SOAP and REST web services.


      •    Lead development on applications within a Service Oriented Architecture to create REST based services.
      •    Architect these systems to anticipate some future scale and complexity while still enabling rapid experimentation and delivery of new features and products.
      •    Manage off-site design and frontend development for integration with backend services.
      •    Create testing processes that ensure code quality as development progresses.




      •    3+ years of professional software engineering experience in web technologies, web services and REST.
      •    A degree in Computer Science or STEM field, or related work experience working with data structures and algorithms.
      •    Experience working with SQL databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL.
      •    Experience working within noSQL databases like MongoDB or Cassandra and mastery in merging disparate data forms.
      •    Experience working within a SCRUM or Agile team, where you practiced TDD.
      •    Experience integrating other API's or systems together. Familiarity with SOA.
      •    High degree of competency working in a Unix environment
      •    Experience working at a startup with a focus on delivering scalable products. 
      •    Ability to formulate articulate opinions on product design and engineering issues with a focus in finding the most effective solution.
      •    A deep sense of product ownership.
      •    Knowledge of front end tools like Ember.js, PHP, Node.js or Angular.js., and PHP
      •    Experience deploying solutions on the cloud, Amazon EC2 configuration and management is a huge plus

      Please include with your resume the answer to this question: What is the most pragmatic solution you developed to solve a problem? Please include a detailed overview of the problem and your role in solving it as a part of your answer.


      Additional Information


      • In addition to salary, LeadMD offers medical, dental, vision, disability, sick and vacation leave, and a retirement plan. Check out our benefits: http://leadmd.com/benefits 
      • LeadMD, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.
      • Local Candidates Only Please