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Best Practice for Webinar Time Zones

Question asked by b24819e4c04c3c967739c3ad0a856d50466cbb15 on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Josh Hill

What is the best practice on choosing a webinar time zone? My company has always done our webinars in central time.... since we are in Austin, TX.. I've heard that Eastern time zone is best that true?


In our most recent webinar, my co-worker decided to set the webinar in Webex to Eastern time and market it in eastern time.  since the presenter was located in New York...


(We currently only sell to the U.S. and Canada)


However, since our time zone in Marketo is sent to Central time, we failed to realize that the calendar token on the confirmation email is automatically sent to central time....


I would love to hear thoughts on setting time zones and communicating that to your audience.