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    Smart campaign - "used by", what is it for?

      Still a newbie, here...
      To the right of our active smart campaigns, there's a tab titled "Used By". What does it signify? All of our "used by" tabs say "none".
      I would have thought that it was related to programs - can't find anything about it articles.

      Thanks much,
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          Matt Stone
          If your smart campaign is requested in a different campaign, the requesting campaign will be listed in the Used By section.

          For example:

          Smart Campaign A's smart filter is set as a trigger for "Campaign is Requested"

          Smart Campaign B's flow has an action step to Request Campaign = Smart Campaign A

          So when you look at the Used By section for Smart Campaign A, you would see Smart Campaign B listed.

          Does that make sense?
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            Hi Matt,

            I've reviews the info online for request campaign, but still don't quite understand when it would be used. is it for campaigns being used in a different program/channel or does one smart campaign reference another within the same program?
            e.g.,  I'm setting up a program with the first smart campaign being a simple reference to a smart list, - is on smart list
            the next smart campaign has a flow for fills out form - my assumption was that the first campaign would define the leads who could access the form. Is that incorrect? Does my second smart campaign of the program have to  "request" the first smart campaign/w/flow is on List", before the next flow for fills out form?  

            Thank you for your help with this.
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              Matt Stone
              If I understand you correctly, you have a program with two smart campaigns in it:
              1.           The first smart campaign identifies who might fill out the form and uses a "Member of Smart List" filter. But what does the flow for this campaign do?
              2.           The second smart campaign uses a "Fills out Form" trigger and then conducts whatever you've specified in the flow
              I'm not sure what the point of the first smart campaign is, unless the flow is sending an email to the people on that smart list with a link to the form?

              In regards to when you would use the Request Campaign flow action, it's mainly so that you don't have to recreate complicated filters and flows over and over. For example:

              Suppose you have some rigid criteria a lead has to meet before it can be inserted into your CRM. Additionally, you want to assign it to a specific campaign in your CRM once you've inserted it, and you want to notify a certain person. You would create this complex program, and you could add "Campaign is Requested" as a trigger filter. This way, if you want another smart campaign to check if a lead should be sent to your CRM, you can just request this first campaign and not recreate all of these filters and steps.